The $6000 car adventure begins

I don’t know why I feel like talking about this – but I really want to talk about it.  I bought a $6000 car the other day.  It’s a Volkswagen Jetta TDI.  If you know Volkswagen, you’d probably know that a TDI is a turbo diesel engined car.  VW is not the only car company that uses that designation, some of the other German car companies, in particular, use that.

So, the back story is that a young woman was driving this car through Reno Nevada when the engine blew up.  Seems that she’d been ignoring maintanence on it and was overdue for a timing belt (hell, I didn’t even know that diesel engines had a timing belt).  But, she blew it up either way.

Her father just said to leave the car with the repair shop and go by a new car.  So my friend Marvin, who owns the shop, got title of the car and rebuilt the engine.

So, here was this white Jetta with a near perfect interior, and a very good exterior, and a brand new powerplant.  I had to have it!.

Now, I did discover one issue – the windshield is brand new and does not have any tint.  Neither do any of the side windows.  I contacted a new car window tinting company, Reno Tahoe Window Tint to get a quote.  They came up with $185 to do all the windows and a strip across the front window.  I think it’s a good price, I just feel funny doing this kind of work to my beater car.  But, it’s Reno and a good window tint will save me in the heat of the summer.

Tonight, I did notice that I have a parking light lamp out.  I hope it’s alot less expensive to replace than the one on my BMW.  That thing was a ridiculous $350 to replace.  Crazy!