How to be successful at life and everything else

Where does success start?  Well, certainly not on your couch.  The success of television is the biggest obstacle in being personally successful.  I have broken free from the bonds of Hollywood and personally, I feel great about it.

So this blog is not going to be candy coating anything.  If I think something is terrible, I’ll tell you that.  And I’ll go a step further and tell you ‘why’.

In the last 20 years, the mortality rate of middle aged male Americans has skyrocketed.  Why?  Why are perfectly healthy men killing themselves?  Oh, did I mention, most of the deaths are from suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse?

Experts that are looking into this change in the mortality tables are coming back with one reason: hopelessness.  The middle aged American male feels hopeless.  That sucks.

I will tell you, right now – if you’re considering suicide, stop right now and call someone.  Call a minister.  Call a loved one. Call SOMEONE.  Think about changing your life completely rather than giving up your life.  Is there something daring that you’ve always wanted to do?  Go do that!

Is it money problems?  Set a new goal and a new game plan.  If what you’ve been doing in your life is causing you so much pain – stop doing it.  Really.  If you’re going to a job that makes you sick – don’t go anymore.  Just stop.

I know this sounds simplistic, but really.  If you don’t give a fuck enough to stay alive – do something else.  Go somewhere.  See something new. Drop out of your job and start a weird business.  Who is going to care?

Step away from the darkside. Be successful instead.

I know, we went a little dark there.  But some people need to be reminded that throwing out everything and starting over is better than the alternative.

I’ve heard it said “it is your obligation to be as successful as possible.” I wish I had figured out that one a lot sooner!  But, even now that I am north of fifty, I am turning up my intensity for that reason alone.  It is your obligation to be as successful as possible.  Did someone make it a rule? No.  But you can.  How many sitcoms would you watch if you were living by that rule?  How many video games would you play?  Probably not to many.  Maybe it’s time to think of obligation and duty.  Rather than dreaming about success, how about taking on a mantra of success like “it is my duty to be as successful as I possibly can”.  What a great starting point!

Stick with me. I’m going to get better at this…

I have a bunch of things that I’d like to share and I am very positive that it will be way more useful and interesting than this page.  Stick with me.  I’m going to get better at this and you’ll get good stuff from me.